Mesas / Escalera

The Escalera / Mesas community, located near Washington, is a wealthy one, with a median real estate price of $598,645. This is more costly than 72.6% of the neighborhoods across Utah and 78.8% of the neighborhoods across the United States. The people who reside in this suburban neighborhood are well-educated and affluent, and they appreciate the finer things in life.

The rental market in the Mesa / Escalera neighborhood is hot right now, with the average rental price currently sitting at $1,508 per month. This makes the Mesa / Escalera community one of the more affordable areas to rent in Utah, as rents here are lower than 76.5% of neighborhoods statewide.

The Mesas / Escalera neighborhood is ideal if you are eyeing medium to small-sized family homes. The single-family homes in this area are mostly three or four bedrooms, and there are also a good number of apartment complexes and high-rise apartments available should you need something smaller. The neighborhood itself is quite safe and has a lot of amenities nearby, making it a great choice for families or anyone else seeking a convenient place to live.

The beautiful neighborhood of Mesas / Escalera is a popular one for those individuals seeking newer housing. A majority of this area’s residences were built in 2000 or more recently, and there are also a number of homes that were constructed between 1970 and 1999. This mixture of older and newer homes gives the neighborhood a unique character, and it’s among the reasons why multiple people are drawn to it.

The college-enrollment rate in the Mesas / Escalera neighborhood is extraordinarily high, at 12.4%. The large percentage of college students in the Mesas / Escalera neighborhood gives the area a very unique feel at different times of the year. In the fall and winter, the neighborhood is filled with students going to and from class, hanging out in parks and cafes, and studying in libraries. But during the summer, when many students are away on break, the neighborhood is much quieter and calmer.

If you’re eyeing a neighborhood with a rich European heritage, the Mesas / Escalera neighborhood is a great community to look at. This suburban neighborhood has more Swiss and Scottish ancestry people living in it than nearly any other neighborhood in America. In fact, 4.6% of the residents here have Swiss ancestry, while 9.6% have Scottish ancestry. If you’re seeking a place with a lot of history and culture, you’ll love the Mesas / Escalera neighborhood.

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