St. George North

The St. George North neighborhood is an affluent residential community in the greater St. George area, located near Washington, Utah. The median real estate price for homes in this rural neighborhood is $482,465, making it among the most expensive neighborhoods in the state – more costly than 59.2% of the communities across Utah and 73.7% nationwide. The area is known for its well-manicured lawns and luxury homes, and residents enjoy easy access to all of the amenities that the St. George area has to offer.

The St. George North community is currently home to some of the most affordable rents in Utah. With an average rental price of just $1,393, renters here can save hundreds of dollars each month when compared to other neighborhoods in the area – lower than in 82.4% of Utah communities. This makes St. George North a great option for budget-minded renters who are eyeing a quality place to live.

The St. George North neighborhood is a great place to reside if you have a large family. Most of this area’s homes are either large or medium-sized single-family homes, which means there’s plenty of room for everyone. And if you’re considering something a little smaller, there are also some small apartment buildings in the area.

The St. George North neighborhood is a perfect community to reside in if you are considering a mix of owner-occupied and rental homes. The houses in this beautiful neighborhood were all constructed within the last few decades, so you can find several different styles and sizes. And since the neighborhood is still growing, there are always new homes being built, so you can find the perfect one for you.

The St. George North community has highly unusual car ownership. Residents of this rural neighborhood must really love automobiles. 37.8% of the area’s households here have 4, 5, or more cars, which is more than in 97.7% of the communities in the nation.

The St. George North neighborhood is an ideal area to retire, thanks to its peaceful and quiet atmosphere, above-average safety ratings, and wide range of housing options. This beautiful neighborhood has already attracted an enviable mix of college-educated seniors, making it a great choice for those individuals seeking a retirement-friendly community.

The St. George North neighborhood is among the most diverse in the state, with a wide range of incomes and cultures represented. Despite the low average income, the neighborhood is vibrant and full of life, with plenty of activities and events to keep residents busy. There are also several businesses and restaurants, making it the ideal location if you want to be close to everything.

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