What Is the Highest Level of Care in an Assisted Living Facility?

The highest level of care in an assisted living facility is typically Level 3, also known as enhanced assisted living care. Most states follow a version of the three levels of care approach. This approach places residents in Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 after an assessment and consultation with them and their loved ones. 

Most facilities customize these levels to the resident in their senior care plan. The care plan will affect all aspects of the senior’s experience at the facility, including the cost. 

Senior Care In Assisted Living

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Level 1 Care

As residents elect to move into assisted living facilities at early ages, more and more require the lowest level of care. Level 1 care residents typically only need occasional help with their daily activities. For example, these residents may need medication help, but they can take care of their hygiene.  

Level 1 care has the lowest cost of any of the three levels of care. 

Level 2 Care

Level 2 care provides more one-on-one support for seniors that require a moderate amount of assistance with ADLs. For example, residents who need help getting dressed or using the toilet may fall under level 2 care. The cost for a Level 2 resident is higher than for a Level 1 resident and reflects the additional care they require. 

Level 3 Care: The Highest Level of Care in Assisted Living

Level 3 care or enhanced assisted living care includes extensive hands-on assistance with multiple activities of daily living (ADLs) throughout the day. For example, these residents may require assistance with bathing, using the toilet, taking medications, and maintaining personal hygiene. 

Level 3 care residents are more likely to have memory loss and physical impairments. In addition, as they require additional services, Level 3 is usually the most expensive among assisted living services in Washington, UT.

How Facilities Determine a Resident’s Level of Care

The assisted living facility will conduct a needs assessment test before arrival and at intervals during the resident’s stay. The needs assessment test is noninvasive and exists to ensure that each resident receives the care they need. A nurse or other healthcare professional will observe the resident and their caregiver to determine their mental health and well-being, physical abilities, medical diagnosis, and more. 

The nurse will likely have a form or app to guide the assessment test and record the results. The individual observations are scored on a numerical scale from one to five on various ADLs. A lower score equates to greater independence.

The facility will add the scores to create an accurate, objective view of the senior’s needs to inform the senior care plan. 

Loved ones are not always objective regarding the needs of their family members, and learning that a loved one requires daily help with dressing and communicating may be surprising.

How Do I Find Assisted Living Near Me?

One of the most common questions from loved ones and seniors is: how do I find assisted living near me? Or, if they are transitioning from assisted living to a long-term care nursing home: how do I find a nursing home near me? These are important questions as seniors transition into this new phase of life. Proximity to loved ones, family, and friends is essential. 

You can search the internet or call on several different referral organizations to get started in your search. While proximity is an important consideration, the most important is finding a facility that can meet the needs of the resident and provide the quality of life they deserve. 

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The benefits of assisted living services are many. Ultimately, assisted living communities allow seniors who need assistance with ADLs but do not require comprehensive nursing home care to maintain a degree of independence. If you or a loved one is looking for assisted living, our Autumn Park assisted living facility in southern Utah provides the comfort, security, and quality of life you seek. Call us today at 435-275-4458, and schedule a tour!