Springs Estates / River Hollow

The Springs Estates / River Hollow community is among the most expensive in Utah and the U.S. With a median real estate price of $769,525, this beautiful community is more costly than 89.7% of all neighborhoods in Utah and 88.7% of neighborhoods nationwide. The luxurious homes in this suburban community are perfect for those individuals who want to reside in a prestigious area with plenty of amenities nearby.

The Springs Estates / River Hollow community, located near Washington city, is currently experiencing an average rental price of $2,313. This is significantly higher than the average rental price found in 73.5% of neighborhoods across Utah. The average monthly rental cost in this suburban neighborhood is a reflection of the homes’ luxurious features and prime location.

The Springs Estates / River Hollow neighborhood is an ideal community to raise a family. The medium-sized to large single-family homes and townhomes are perfect for families of all sizes. The community is as well situated close to several schools, making it easy for kids to get to and from school. Additionally, this serene community features several parks, which are perfect for kids and adults alike.

Living in the Springs Estates / River Hollow neighborhood is like living in a quiet, country oasis right in the heart of the city. The area is predominantly made up of owner-occupied homes, many of which are newer construction, constructed within the last two decades. There are as well a good number of residences that were constructed between 1970 – 1999.

This mix of newer and older homes gives the neighborhood a feeling of history and stability. And despite its prime location – close to all the shopping, dining, and entertainment that downtown Houston has to offer – the Springs Estates / River Hollow neighborhood remains peaceful and quiet.

If you’re considering a community where cars are king, the Springs Estates / River Hollow neighborhood is it. Nearly 43% of households in this suburban area have four, five, or more cars. That’s more than in 99% of other neighborhoods in the nation.

The Springs Estates / River Hollow neighborhood is ideal for married couples to live in. The concentration of married couples residing here is higher than 96.5% of all neighborhoods across the United States, so you know that you will be surrounded by people with similar lifestyles and interests. If you are eyeing a relaxed and comfortable community to call home, the Springs Estates / River Hollow community is definitely worth considering.

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